It’s Been Real Quiet Around Here Lately

…because I’ve been hard at work finishing up the last book of The Conquest of Kelemir series, The Beast of Lyntara. This will be the longest book in the series, but I hope the extra pages will fly by so fast you won’t even notice 😉

Just today I received the cover art (from the very talented FrinaArt, who has made all but 2 of my novel covers), and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

The Beast of Lyntara ebook cover

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m still working on the official blurb (if you follow my blog, you know I struggle mightily with my blurb writing!) but readers of the series can probably guess what’s coming next. We’re about to find out what happened to Merrick, former High Lord of the Union, after the rather disturbing events at the end of Forged in Spirit, as well as untangle the mystery of how he ended up magically bound to the Union in the first place (and why). Will the bond be broken and the Union be freed? Will Lyntara and the mystery woman Gwyn met in Bound in Blood be saved? And what in the world is going to happen to Kelemir in all of this?

There’s a good reason that’s the country named in the series title. By this story’s end, we will have come full circle as winter falls again in Kelemir…possibly for the last time. (And for those curious, yes, Lord and Lady Eladria both play a significant role in the events yet to come. You didn’t really think I’d leave you hanging  after Malachi’s observation in Forged in Spirit, did you? 😛 )

One thought on “It’s Been Real Quiet Around Here Lately

  1. Glad to hear you are slaving away! I’ve finished the last book and I dislike being held hostage to read the finish.
    I was worried I’d have to make good my threat to steal your chocolate stash, and truthfully, I am too lazy to actually go find it. 😉

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