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Note: Both series are set in the same world and eventually overlap, but you do not need to read Broken Mirrors to understand and enjoy the Conquest of Kelemir books, or vice versa.

The Broken Mirrors Duology:

Please Note: Broken Lords picks up exactly where Broken Mirrors leaves off, so it is highly recommended to read these in order.

Broken Mirrors (Book One)

What good is a broken Mirror? That’s what Thane, Dread Lord of Eladria, is about to find out when he finds one named Kesara working in his Keep. The impulsive decision of a moment binds the two together in ways neither fully understands…or trusts. With the outside world in turmoil, old alliances crumbling and a traitor in their midst, the only hope for a broken Mirror and her broken Lord to survive is each other.

Available Now: only on Amazon *Kindle Unlimited*

Broken Lords (Book Two)

Answering the High Lord’s summons, the leaders of the Union meet at his Court. Thane, Dread Lord of Eladria, is among them and eager to see justice done to his former friend-turned-adversary, Malachi, but their meeting raises more questions than answers. An unexpected catastrophe shakes his trust to its very core and he is forced to question all he once held true. Thane knows what a broken Mirror is capable of, but what about a broken Lord?

Available Now: only on Amazon *Kindle Unlimited*

The Conquest of Kelemir (Six Book Series):

Winter’s Fallen (Book One)

Grace has survived all of her life by simply doing her duty and not standing out, like all the people of her village, until the day their ruling warlord decides to claim her as the season’s tax. In a moment of blind panic, she flees straight into the first storm of winter…and into the life of a mysterious recluse. Now stranded in his tower until the spring thaw, she finds more than her mere freedom in peril as no one and nothing is as it seems…

Available Now: Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ iBooks ~ tolino

Cast in Stone (Book Two)

After her parents are murdered by a brutal warlord, Celia makes it her ultimate mission to bring him to justice, but she can’t do it alone.

Rupert is a criminal mage whose sentenced execution is commuted if he agrees to serve as Celia’s Guardian until her mission is complete.

But what looks like the perfect opportunity for them both quickly turns into the perfect catastrophe. In the fall out, she is betrayed by those she trusted most. Now on the run, Celia and Rupert find not only their lives in jeopardy, but also their hearts.

Torn between her old vow and a new love, Celia must choose justice…or vengeance.

Available Now: Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ iBooks ~ tolino

Lord of War (Book Three)

After usurping Kelemir’s Southern Province, Sebastien has his hands full. Raiders from neighboring Lyntara are bleeding his country dry in a brutal game of cat-and-mouse. They’re led by a devious captain named Carys who no one seems able to touch…until he captures her himself. The battle to gain the upper hand with his fiery prisoner ignites a war with his long-cold heart.

 Lyntaran hostilities are escalating rapidly in the wake of Carys’ capture, and the Province is thrown into turmoil. With everything he’s fought for in jeopardy, Sebastien finds himself in the battle of his life. This lord of war must put aside his heart and be the conqueror…or become the conquered.

Available Now at: Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ iBooks ~ tolino

Bound in Blood (Book Four)

Whether regarded as man or monster, half-elven Dominic has always been alone. Sent by his lord on a journey to find the answers that Kelemir needs to survive the coming storm with Lyntara, Dominic finds not only his life, but his mission in jeopardy when a single mistake sends him hurtling off-course.

Now bound against his will to a reclusive necromancer with secrets of her own, he may no longer be alone but he’s also no longer free, and the bond they share can be a deadly one. Can he survive their bond and complete his mission, or will Kelemir’s last hope for standing against Lyntara die with him?

This story ends on a cliffhanger.

Available Now at: Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ tolino

Forged in Spirit (Book Five)

FiS ebook cover

The High Lord of the Union is to be executed for treason in three days, and his appointed stand-inThane, Dread Lord of Eladriais relieved to finally see the end of the matter…until a strange pair of trespassers from Lyntara end up in his custody and turn everything upside-down.

Suddenly dark secrets are coming to light, old loyalties are called into question, and new duties demand more of both Thane and his Mirror than either of them ever expected.

Forced to accept the word of a Lyntaran mage or risk the entire Union, they find themselves on the one battlefield they’re not ready for. Will they be able to stop the High Lord’s treachery from destroying them all, or will more than the High Lord’s mind be broken?

Available Now at: Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ tolino

The Beast of Lyntara (Book Six)

The Beast of Lyntara ebook cover

The Merrick Gwyn brought back from death isn’t the same Merrick who died, and in the work of a necromancer, there are no second chances. Now the only hope of saving the world from the effects of his dark magic lies with the Raiders’ mysterious prisoner…if Gwyn, Graunt, and Dominic can keep this Merrick alive long enough to find her.

Meanwhile, Thane and Kesara find themselves facing life-changing news while trying to untangle the web of deceit the former High Lord left behind. Betrayal comes from an unexpected quarter, and they quickly find their future and all they’ve accomplished in a far more imminent peril.

Will life triumph over death, or will the world as they know it be forever lost to darkness?

Available Now at: Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ tolino

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Short Fiction & Standalones:

Breath of Life (A Weslea Novella)

On the feast of the love goddess, Valentine is preparing to make a confession to her childhood sweetheart when an unexpected moment of passion derails her plan and lands her in the path of a dangerous mage. He practices a forbidden form of magic, and he wants Valentine to be his apprentice. Life and death hinge on her decision, but one thing is for certain: he’s not going to take “no” for an answer.

Available Now: Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ tolino

Fellowship of the Box Bearer

FotBB Cover  Could Any Greater Tragedy Befall Anyone Less Deserving?
Elyssa is the Perfect Heroine: beautiful and generous, diligently trained by ninjas and entrusted with a mighty and mysterious object of untold power.
Unfortunately for her, Rothgar, an evil warlord, has decided to burn down her village for nefarious purposes that even he doesn’t understand.
What’s a poor overpowered heroine to do? Why, embark on an Epic Novelette-Length Quest for Justice with a ragtag group of total strangers, of course!
FotBB is a humorous take on the fantasy genre, bad fanfiction, role playing games (no, not THAT kind!), and the tropes we all enjoy and take for granted.

Available now, only on Amazon.

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