Announcing the Conclusion of The Conquest of Kelemir!

The Beast of Lyntara, the sixth and final book in The Conquest of Kelemir series, is now available!

The Beast of Lyntara ebook cover The Merrick Gwyn brought back from death isn’t the same Merrick who died, and in the work of a necromancer, there are no second chances. Now the only hope of saving the world from the effects of his dark magic lies with the Raiders’ mysterious prisoner…if Gwyn, Graunt, and Dominic can keep this Merrick alive long enough to find her.

Meanwhile, Thane and Kesara find themselves facing life-changing news while trying to untangle the web of deceit the former High Lord left behind. Betrayal comes from an unexpected quarter, and they quickly find their future and all they’ve accomplished in a far more imminent peril.

Will life triumph over death, or will the world as they know it be forever lost to darkness?

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