Forged in Spirit is Up for Preorder AND Good News for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers!

Forged in Spirit, book five of The Conquest of Kelemir series, is now available for Preorder!

FiS ebook coverThe High Lord of the Union is to be executed for treason in three days, and his appointed stand-in—Thane, Dread Lord of Eladria—is relieved to finally see the end of the matter…until a strange pair of trespassers from Lyntara end up in his custody and turn everything upside-down.

Suddenly dark secrets are coming to light, old loyalties are called into question, and new duties demand more of both Thane and his Mirror than either of them ever expected.

Forced to accept the word of a Lyntaran mage or risk the entire Union, they find themselves on the one battlefield they’re not ready for. Will they be able to stop the High Lord’s treachery from destroying them all, or will more than the High Lord’s mind be broken?

Preorder your copy here (official release date is September 25th): Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ tolino

And last but not least, good news for Kindle Unlimited subscribers! Broken Mirrors and Broken Lords are now both part of the KU library! Check them out today!

Broken Mirrors 1 Broken Lords 1


Came across one of my favorite scenes

from Bound in Blood while refreshing my memory on something for Book 6. Here is an excerpt:

“You do realize it’s just a tree, right?” Gwyn tried, struggling to keep her voice light. Inside she was wondering what she was going to do if he decided to start randomly assigning enemy status to plants. She’d counted on having the relative safety of the woods while they traveled.

“It’s not just a tree to me,” he answered tightly. Then he sighed. “I don’t expect you to understand.”

“Then why not explain it to me? What can it hurt?”

“You’ll think I’m crazy.”

“Yeah, a little late on that one, buddy,” Gwyn muttered automatically, then she immediately reddened. Oh great. I hope he didn’t catch that.

“They talk to each other,” Dominic informed her, his words clipped and testy. “I’ve always been able to hear them if I’m close enough. Yes, even before the fever. No, nothing else talks to me that shouldn’t. No, they don’t instruct me to build shrines or go on murderous rampages. They don’t speak to me at all.”

She winced. Yeah, I think he heard me.

Find the whole thing here. 😉