Wedding the Dread Lord: Available Now for Pre-Order!

wedding-the-dread-lord-resize-for-blogThane promised Kesara a simple exchange of vows, but when has anything in their lives ever been that easy? The short, sweet, and light-hearted Postquel to Broken Lords.

Available for Pre-order NOW and for Purchase on October 2nd, only on Amazon! It will also be available in Paperback (but please give that an additional couple of days, there can be a bit of a lag on Amazon’s end.)

*Please note that this is a novella-length work, not a full-length novel. There were a couple of loose threads at the end of Broken Lords that never got picked up again (*cough*thebracelet*cough*), so I wrote this both for fun and as a thank-you to Thane and Kesara’s fans for all the love you’ve shown Broken Mirrors over the past almost-two years. It’s not Very Serious Business, but fun and fluffy with a couple of sappy moments (because hey, it’s their wedding day, cut them some slack 😉 ) I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! ❤

5 thoughts on “Wedding the Dread Lord: Available Now for Pre-Order!

  1. I just got my mother into reading your books and we’re both excited to read this new addition in the Eladrian world! (Honestly though, I’m a little bit more excited than her since I’ve completed the Conquest of Kelemir series and know all the juicy details. :P)

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  2. I can’t tell you how much I loved this. Everything was perfect (except for the length 😛 ). I won’t beg for more Kesara and Thane (even though I guess I kind of just did). It was so wonderful to see a glimpse into the life of my two favorite Eladrians Thank you for writing this and thank you for Kesara and Thane. ❤

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! (And I’m very sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your comments, I’ve been having internet issues and trouble getting into WordPress!)

      I would never say never about more Thane and Kesara. On the one hand, I worry that other people will lose interest in them before I do, but on the other, I’ve never thought it all that likely that NO ONE ever said anything about what happened at the end of Broken Lords. Word of that NEVER got out to anyone? I mean, the High Lord was nuts, but Kesara took out a lot of other people, too, and surely they didn’t all die or go crazy. So I would love to address that and would love to actually introduce the people she’s scared of from back in Ytar. It would be such terrible timing, too, with everything that’s happened for her and Thane so far *cackles and rubs hands together* I might do it after I’m done my current work-in-progress, even if we’re the only ones who read it 😀


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