(Early) Fall Update: New Titles, New Name!

Hi everybody! An update, at long last!

It’s been a long, difficult summer here. We’ve been dealing with moving, illness, my husband’s retirement from active duty and search for a civilian job, house hunting in a new area, a worsening of my chronic migraines (no Mirrors to help me out, alas 😉 ), and did I mention moving??

Thankfully, my book-related news is much happier.

  • Winter’s Fallen is once again free for the time being at all my sales channels. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but with cooler weather on the horizon where I live, it felt like the right time. 🙂
  • I have released two new fantasy romance novels, this time under the name Amanda Dery.

Why the change of name?

When I first released Broken Mirrors (almost two years ago now, if you can believe it!), I was hard-pressed to find fantasy romance that wasn’t full of graphic content that I usually ended up skipping over. I made the decision, as I started writing my own work, not to include graphic content just because it’s a “genre expectation.” I saw no reason why romance HAD to be “steamy” to be romantic! Eight full-length, non-explicit romantic fantasy titles later, I’d like to think I succeeded in proving my point. 🙂

However, as I wrapped up the Conquest of Kelemir series, I did have an idea for a story where more mature content was appropriate. I first considered trying to change it around to avoid writing that kind of content, but then I realized that I was doing the very thing I hadn’t wanted to do when I began: writing to expectations, instead of what the story itself demanded.

So I decided to write this story as it wanted to be told, even if the result was more explicit than my norm, and see where that took me. I wasn’t sure the finished result would ever see the light of day, to be honest, and I was fully prepared to file it away under “failed experiments,” but the people I showed it to loved it!

So ultimately I decided that, to avoid confusing and disappointing readers who are particularly interested in non-explicit romantic fiction, I would release it under Amanda Dery rather than A. F. Dery so it would not be confused with my “sweet” titles. I am also posting a clear content warning at the end of the description on every title that has mature content, to minimize the chance of unwelcome surprises.

I understand that my choice may disappoint those of you who only read non-explicit romance, and I’m very sorry for that. However, I did not want to do this and say nothing about it, because then that could create confusion if you end up seeing two “Dery” authors writing in the same genre on Amazon!

I also want to assure readers that yes, I will be continuing to release A. F. Dery titles as well, which will continue to be “sweet” as far as content goes. There will not be any crossover of stories or characters between the two names either, so please don’t be concerned you will miss anything! Barring any further life upheaval (*fingers crossed*), I am still hoping to have another full-length A. F. Dery release out by the end of the year, and there will be another short fiction release as well that fans of Broken Mirrors should particularly enjoy. Please stay tuned!

In the future, I will not be posting about the “Amanda” titles on this blog (nor will I ever be notifying readers who signed up for A. F. Dery’s newsletters about them. This is a one-time announcement only on this blog to explain what the difference between them is.)

Demons Dreaming - High Resolution - Book 1For those who are interested in these new titles, you can learn more about them under “Amanda Dery” at http://ringdroppress.com, or you can find the first one, Dreams Awake, here at Amazon. Like Broken Mirrors, it was written as a “duology” or two-book series, and both books are currently available.

Thank you very much for your patience and your support ❤ I love writing these stories, and I love sharing them with you!

4 thoughts on “(Early) Fall Update: New Titles, New Name!

  1. Thank you for the continued updates despite your trials right now. I hope things start looking up for you and your family. On the other hand, it’s great to hear we have two new books to read! I’ve started Dreams Awake and as expected I’m loving it. I’m glad it came out before I started my senior semester. As always, I look forward to hearing more about your writing and the books you have planned for the future. Take care!

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  2. This is what I get for reading this too quickly while at work. I didn’t see the key phrases such as “full-length” and “short fiction broken mirror”. A new full-length novel AND a short story from the Broken Mirror realm? Two new books and two more potentially planned for this year? It’s like Christmas!

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