Wedding the Dread Lord: Available Now for Pre-Order!

wedding-the-dread-lord-resize-for-blogThane promised Kesara a simple exchange of vows, but when has anything in their lives ever been that easy? The short, sweet, and light-hearted Postquel to Broken Lords.

Available for Pre-order NOW and for Purchase on October 2nd, only on Amazon! It will also be available in Paperback (but please give that an additional couple of days, there can be a bit of a lag on Amazon’s end.)

*Please note that this is a novella-length work, not a full-length novel. There were a couple of loose threads at the end of Broken Lords that never got picked up again (*cough*thebracelet*cough*), so I wrote this both for fun and as a thank-you to Thane and Kesara’s fans for all the love you’ve shown Broken Mirrors over the past almost-two years. It’s not Very Serious Business, but fun and fluffy with a couple of sappy moments (because hey, it’s their wedding day, cut them some slack 😉 ) I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! ❤