Broken Mirrors is On Sale!

For a very limited time, Broken Mirrors is just 99 cents (USD) at Amazon!

What good is a broken Mirror? That’s what Thane, Dread Lord of Eladria,Broken Mirrors 1 is about to find out when he finds one named Kesara working in his Keep. The impulsive decision of a moment binds the two together in ways neither fully understands…or trusts. With the outside world in turmoil, old alliances crumbling and a traitor in their midst, the only hope for a broken Mirror and her broken Lord to survive is each other.

Broken Mirrors remains one of my favorite books that I’ve written so far and is a nominee in the Fantasy/Sci-fi category of the 2014 Swirl Awards for interracial and multicultural romance. Check it out for yourself for less than the price of a cup of coffee, now through the end of Tuesday, September 29th, only on Amazon!

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