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I wasn’t very happy with the previous blurb I wrote for Bound in Blood, so I revised it to hopefully make it a little clearer what the story is actually about. This might be hard to believe, but I find those little blurbs a lot harder to write than the stories themselves. There’s just so much that needs to be condensed into a succinct little description!

I’ll be updating this shortly at my various sales channels, but for now, you can see it here first!

Whether regarded as man or monster, half-elven Dominic has always been alone. Sent by his lord on a journey to find the answers that Kelemir needs to survive the coming storm with Lyntara, Dominic finds not only his life, but his entire mission in jeopardy when a single mistake sends him hurtling off-course.

Now bound against his will to a reclusive necromancer with secrets of her own, he may no longer be alone but he’s also no longer free, and the bond they share can be a deadly one. Can he survive their bond and his journey, or will Kelemir’s last hope for standing against Lyntara die with him?

This story ends on a cliffhanger.

In a nutshell, this book is about Dominic’s attempt to cross Lyntara, gather information and hopefully obtain some answers/help from the High Lord of the Union on the other side of Lyntara’s border. It’s a last-ditch, shot-in-the-dark kind of effort for the Southern Province, one that his lord was understandably reluctant to even attempt due to its dismally low odds of success, and those odds just keep dropping when everything that can go wrong promptly does within an hour of Dominic setting foot on Lyntaran soil.

The book ends when his journey ends, so I’m being clear upfront that you won’t get all the answers or learn the final outcome of his mission in this book, hence the “cliffhanger warning.” Dominic’s journey gets its own book because it has important consequences for the rest of the series. I promise I didn’t do it this way to tease you!

If you’ve been following the series so far, I’d love to hear what you think. Are you looking forward to learning more about Dominic or did you hate his guts in Lord of War? : )

2 thoughts on “More on Bound in Blood

  1. I’ve been an interested follower of this series and had been looking forward to the next installment – until I found out it was going to involve Dominic and necromancy that is. For me, Dominic’s character wasn’t well enough developed in your previous books to either like, dislike or even become interested in. I have read ‘Breath of Life’ and I understand that your take on necromancy is not necessarily the old horror story version. But with necromancy combining with a protagonist I’m not invested in, I’m not sure I’m ready to buy this book… The extra information you have supplied here plus the change in the book’s blurb have almost convinced me to give it a go, but not quite. Regardless, I remain intrigued by the world you are building and await with interest to see what might come next.


    1. Hi Barbara! I fully understand your feelings about Dominic. Unfortunately for him, he was essentially Sebastien’s henchman in Lord of War, so I didn’t feel like I had the liberty to give him as much attention as I would have liked without diminishing the focus on Sebastien and Carys. He just wasn’t important enough to their story from their points of view.

      As it is, he is an important character in the last three books of the series. While I hope that anyone who has followed along so far would be willing to give him a chance as a main character, I have to warn you, since the necromancy element is one that it doesn’t sound like you enjoyed very much, that it is the darker side of that magic and its ramifications that are explored in Bound in Blood and the upcoming Forged in Spirit. Valentine and Silas were the best possible examples of what that kind of mage looks like in their world. Their daughter has a much rougher time of it, but she is sincerely trying in her own way to live up to her parents’ legacy.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the series and for reading along so far! And thank you for commenting on the blurb too, I struggle so much with those. I’m very glad the new one is a little more helpful!


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