What’s Coming Next

It’s summer where I live, but although the days are feeling slower, The Conquest of Kelemir is picking up speed! Here’s a quick sneak peek at my upcoming releases. As usual, newsletter subscribers will receive an email as soon as they are available for preorder or purchase (click here if you’d like to subscribe! Emails are only sent for new releases!):


Bound in Blood (Book 4 of The Conquest of Kelemir)

Bound in Blood
    Coming Soon

Whether regarded as man or monster, Dominic has always been alone. But the mistake of a single moment irrevocably changes everything and leaves not only his life, but his entire mission and the fate of Kelemir hanging in the balance. Bound against his will to a reclusive necromancer with secrets of her own, will he be able to find the answers his lord needs before the bond kills him?


Forged in Spirit (Book 5 of The Conquest of Kelemir)

The former High Lord of the Union was keeping many dark secrets which now stand between Lyntara and the absolute destruction of her and her neighbors. But with his mind broken, his replacement xenophobic, and Dominic unreachable, Gwyn is forced to navigate a battlefield like no other. This is one battle that she has no hope of fleeing.

There’s no outrunning the Dread Lord.


The Beast of Lyntara (Book 6 & the conclusion of The Conquest of Kelemir series)

Stay tuned for more info closer to release time. 🙂

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