Lord of War is Now Available

Lord of War, the third book and halfway point in The Conquest of Kelemir series, is now available everywhere! Spoilers for Cast in Stone are in the description, view  it below the cut!

Lord of War ebook cover

Find it at:  Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ iBooks ~ tolino distributors

And remember, Winter’s Fallen, the first book in this series, is still free!

After usurping Kelemir’s Southern Province, Sebastien has his hands full. Raiders from neighboring Lyntara are bleeding his country dry in a brutal game of cat-and-mouse. They’re led by a devious captain named Carys who no one seems able to touch…until he captures her himself. The battle to gain the upper hand with his fiery prisoner ignites a war with his long-cold heart.

Lyntaran hostilities are escalating rapidly in the wake of Carys’ capture, and the Province is thrown into turmoil. With everything he’s fought for in jeopardy, Sebastien finds himself in the battle of his life. This lord of war must put aside his heart and be the conqueror…or become the conquered.

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