Fellowship of the Box Bearer is Now Available!

Fellowship of the Box Bearer, a humorous fantasy (with just a touch of romance, of course!) novelette poking good-natured fun at the sword-and-sorcery tropes we all enjoy so much is now available, only on Amazon– absolutely FREE today through Monday, Dec. 8th! Snap this one up while it’s free and enjoy a little bit of pre-holiday stress relief on me! It would also make a great digital stocking stuffer for the readers in your life who enjoy a little geeky humor 🙂

FotBB Cover

Could Any Greater Tragedy Befall Anyone Less Deserving?

Elyssa is the Perfect Heroine: beautiful and generous, diligently trained by ninjas and entrusted with a mighty and mysterious object of untold power.

Unfortunately for her, Rothgar, an evil warlord, has decided to burn down her village for nefarious purposes that even he doesn’t understand.

What’s a poor overpowered heroine to do? Why, embark on an Epic Novelette-Length Quest for Justice with a ragtag group of total strangers, of course!

FotBB is a humorous take on the fantasy genre, bad fanfiction, role playing games (no, not THAT kind!), and the tropes we all enjoy and take for granted.

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